Guest List

Andrew Koji

Warrior - Netflix "Bruce Lee"mini series - Lead Actor: Fast and Furious:Tokyo Drift

Alfie Enoch

Harry Potter: Murder by Numbers: Troy Fall of a City - Netflix/BBC

Chloe Pirrie

Troy Fall of a City - Netflix/BBC

Robert Smith

Fitness Cover Model

Ashwin Adams

UCT Rugby -

Wilbur Smith


Maling Ng

Wonder Woman: Scorpion King

Frances O'Connor

A.I Intelligence: Mansfield: Troy

Louis Hunter

Troy: Secret Circle:Vampire Diaries

Johnny Harris

Jawbone: Troy Fall of a City

Olivia Cheng

Warrior Tv Series: Marco Polo

David Threlfall

Shameless: Patriot Games: Troy

DeVille van Niekerk

Martial Arts:Freerunner:Stunts

Lana Katz

Fitness Model: Stuntwoman

Karoline Hanks

Trail Runner

Michael Houlie